How Durable Are LED Neon Signs?

One of the biggest worries that customers have when deciding to buy a custom LED Neon sign is how long it will last them, and if it will be able to survive in the location that they are deciding to install it. After all, what’s the point in buying a custom Neon sign if it’s broken before it even leaves the box!


This is where NeonExperts comes in. Our LED Neon is made of an innovative polymer tubing developed by us, which is able to be twisted and bent,preventing your sign from snapping. The surface is also very resistant to scratches and breakages, allowing the light to shine through without disturbance,creating a uniform glow throughout the neon. The flexibility of our LED Neon is also the reason how we are able to create any design you can think of. Our workshop team will simply bend the Neon tubing into your desired shape with efficiency and professionalism, and then connect the LED Neon to your desired backing board.

In comparison with traditional glass Neon, the glass tubing is required to be heated up before modifications to the shape are made, which takes time and increases the cost. Traditional glass Neon is also not very durable when compared to our InnoNeon Flex as the glass is very fragile and will break and shatter if not handled with care.



Our workshop team has the ability to waterproof your LED Neon sign if required to IP67 standards. Waterproofing is essential for all LED Neon which will be installed outside in case of rain which will damage the LED modules inside the tubing. Our team waterproofs your sign by sealing all openings in the LED Neon, making sure that nothing is able to enter the polymer tubing. Waterproofing is also available for indoor signs which may come into contact with water depending on the circumstance and location of your sign.

Our LED Neon is able to withstand the pouring rain, keeping your business illuminated throughout any weather!



Another thing that we guarantee with our LED Neon signage is how safe they are when being handled. In comparison with traditional Neon which will shatter and may cut you when a breakage occurs, our LED Neon does not shatter when dropped. Furthermore, the surface of the polymer tubing is warm and will not burn or electrocute you if it is touched. All of our signs are compliant with your local requirements on an international scale.

To conclude, LED Neon signs are incredibly durable, and with a guaranteed lifespan of 100,000 hours, this Neon alternative certainly proves to be the best form on the illuminated signage market.

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