What Signage Type is Best for your Business or Event?

Finding the right sign can sometimes be hard and tiresome and may feel like you’re running in circles. There are so many different signage options out there ranging from LED Neon signage to illuminated signage. In this post, we’ll help you find which signage type is best for your circumstance. Keep in mind that due to the nature of our signs being custom-made, a lot of what makes a sign suit its location depends on its design as well. Please read our other blog post to see how to design your own custom Neon signs yourself without any design experience here.

The first step in finding the right sign for your circumstance is figuring out your budget. The price of custom signage can vary dramatically depending on its size, material, and whether it has extra components such as a dimmer or RGB colour controller. For those on lower budgets, we would recommend non-illuminated metal signage which creates a very professional and polished look for a very low price. Our LED Neon selection is also a good contender for low budgets,especially for simple designs like quotes and basic shapes. For higher budgets,we would recommend illuminated signage, which can be made out of acrylic or a selection of metals, and uses LED lights to increase its aesthetic look and bring even more attention to the sign as well as looking fantastic. Our LED Neon also works well for higher budgets, as we do have a range of thicknesses, colours,and backing styles.

Secondly,you’ll want to know what objective you want your sign to have. Is it to sit in the background where you want it to look good but not want it to attract all the focus? For this we recommend LED Neon which can be dimmed to a lower level as to not pull the attention away from the main subject in your display, but still look good when it is noticed. On the opposite side, would you like the sign to have all the attention? For this, we recommend our illuminated signage, which can be produced in any size and shape, as well as our LED Neon set to its most powerful lighting option to deliver the greatest glow.

Thirdly, it’s important to know what type of material you want for your LED Neon or illuminated signage. Our LED Neon uses only one polymer material but comes in 18 preset colours. For those wanting more freedom with the colour, we also provide an RGB colour controller which will cause the Neon to emit any colour you want it. We can also animate the neon for you to create an even more dazzling glow.If you want to go the Illuminated (and non-illuminated) Signage direction, we have a very extensive range of materials and styles to offer. Choose between Front-Lit, Back-Lit or Front + Back-Lit styles so you have freedom over where you want the light to emit from. For the surface material, we have an array of different finishes including Glossy, Brushed, and Matte, all with their own colour selections. Have a look at our Illuminated Signage page for more detailed information and inspiration. We can also provide custom finishes for our Signage range, such as a rusted effect or fairground cabochons.

Searching for the best signage for your circumstance can be hard, but with the right preparation and decisions, we can make it easy for you. For any enquiries about LED Neon or Illuminated Signage, please don’t hesitate to call us at from Monday to Friday at 020 8089 1200, or send us an email at hello@neonexperts.com for a response within 24 hours.

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