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A Truly Versatile Signage Solution

Our InnoNeon SOLID range is manufactured from acrylic (or polycarbonate if a fire-retardant material is required), making it incredibly versatile and able to fulfil a wide variety of signage needs. Our specialised workshop uses high quality acrylic PMMA sheet from leading brands and mills it on our high speed computer controlled CNC cutters to produce almost any shape or form. We then polish, sand or paint the cut item and embed it with high dispersion LEDs to deliver a beautiful end result.

Innoneon SOLID is also able to be combined with stainless steel, other metals, wood or other materials to enable even more sign creativity.

Available for interior or exterior use (according to your specification) our signage is perfect for shopfronts, retail displays, events and visual merchandising.

Depending on your location, you can expect a sign to be custom produced and delivered to you in as little as 3 working days (for non-illuminated signs) or typically 10-15 working days (for illuminated fabrications), depending on complexity. If you have an urgent project we are often able to rise to the occasion and prioritise, so do ask if you are up against the clock!

Our Signs.

See what sign materials we have to offer


Our backlit LED built up letter signs are fully customisable to your design, motif or logo. This form of signage can be made in a wide variety of materials, from acrylic to brushed or polished stainless-steel or other metals in every finish imaginable. Perfect for visual merchandising and in-store signage, our backlit signs are beautifully visible day and night, illuminated by a semi-translucent backing.

As one of our most popular signage types, our workshop has great experience in producing these and therefore our customers can expect custom signage of the highest quality.


This form of signage is lit on the front face, giving your custom sign design high intensity and the ability to really stand out.

Inside every sign, our premium quality LED tape uses long-lasting LED chips from Samsung, Cree and other top brands, which lines the interior of each component. The external sides can either be painted to silhouette like we show here, or can be left unpainted, thus making the whole letter, front, sides and back, illuminated.

Each of our custom LED signs are equipped with appropriate wall fixings (usually threaded inserts on the rear and threaded rods) plus a full size paper template to enable fast, easy installation onto any surface.

Front + Backlit

Our resin faced signs are simply gorgeous with a molten liquid-like high gloss surface that looks great, both on and off.
The resin surface has a bulbous liquid-like effect along its edges which is extremely attractive.  These signs really can transform your designs and logos into colourful glowing signage with the power to attract plenty of attention to your a store or brand.

The sides of every letter or motif are made with stainless-steel or a metal finish of your choice, with high quality LED strips embedded inside.
These signs produce a strong glow which shines through the layers of acrylic and resin to create a stunning luminous effect.


Metal Signage Style

Our stainless-steel and metal signage product is for clients looking to deliver a seriously premium feel to their signage or visual merchandising.

Our custom signs are made with solid and durable stainless-steel, preventing the build-up of rust or oxidation and being very easy to clean. We then process that metal to deliver an exact match to other metal finishes, without any of the problems normally associated with working with those metals.

We supply this signage product in a variety of finish choices...
- Polished (mirror finish)
- Brushed
- Painted (matte, satin or gloss)
- Rusted (for this we use mild steel!)
- Antiqued
- Galvanized

Using stainless steel as the base metal we are then able to electro-plate your polished or brushed base metal to a colour of your choice in order to deliver you stunning long-lasting metal finishes in a variety of different highly authentic shades which include:
- Brass
- Gold
- Rose Gold
- Copper
- Bronze
- Graphite
- Gun metal
- A colour of your choice to deliver for example, metallic blue, red, pink etc.

Metal Styles.

Explore our range of different styles
All of our styles are also available as illuminated signage


Our brushed steel material is perfect for a unidirectional textured satin finish.

Brushed GoldBrushed Rose GoldBrushed GreyBrushed Light GreyBrushed Light BrownBrushed Dark BrownBrushed Brown Red


Our glossy style features a toned mirror-like finish in a selection of colours.

Glossy GoldGlossy PinkGlossy SilverGlossy Dark GreyGlossy Brown

Some of our past projects

Monkey neonicecream neondollar neondollar neonheart and arrow neonmulticoloured animated neonmulticoloured animated neonmulticoloured animated neonmulticoloured animated neonmulticoloured animated neonmulticoloured animated neonmulticoloured animated neon
monkey neonicecream neondollar neonsmiley face neondollar neondollar neondollar neondollar neondollar neondollar neondollar neondollar neon
monkey neonFashion brand illuminated signflamingo neonflamingo neonsmoking lips neonheart neonhey babe quote neonhey babe quote neonhey babe quote neonhey babe quote neonhey babe quote neonhey babe quote neon

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