Sequin Signage

Stunning sequin walls custom-made to your designs in over 400 colours and finishes

Red heart neon sequin wall

Combine your neon with our stunning sequin walls!

Get close-up and all you can see are beautiful sequins discretely hooked onto pins moulded into a matrix of special backing boards. Take a step back and with the slightest air movement your display comes alive and never ceases to amaze.

With a wide selection of format choices and over 400 finish options, we work with both installation professionals and brands directly, ​to effortlessly and cost effectively surprise and delight your clients with light-reflective sequinned walls ​that will truly bring your windows, walls, billboards or signage to life - all within days!

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Wicked sequin wall

Combine your neon with our stunning sequin walls!

We hold vast stocks of sequin film and sheet in our workshops which we are able to process into punched sequins according to customer demand.
From matt and satin finishes in almost every colour of the rainbow, to fluorescent colours and other subtler surfaces such as leather-looks, we have something to suit almost every creative desire. If you need something extra-special, we can also get it made for you, subject of course to a reasonable sized order .

​Most of our sequin colours and finishes are manufactured using inks and pigments suitable for exterior use. It is important to talk to us however, if you are planning a permanent external installation as we may need to specify special UV-tolerant sequins for certain colours.

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Gold photography sequin backdrop

Sequin Wall Uses

Our sequin walls can be used for essentially any purpose, whether it be visual merchandising or art.

We use 25cm square backing boards which are populated by our team with the sequins and style of your choice. This allows us to create Sequin Walls in virtually any shape and size. We also have a CNC laser cutting machine if you require your display to have curved edges.

Sequin walls can be used for exhibitions and pop-ups, signs and billboards, and even interior design and art. Unleash your creativity with our extensive range of colours and finishes to achieve a stunning backdrop for any display.

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