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What is InnoNeon Tube?

InnoNeon™ Tube is our innovative faux neon flex, a superior alternative perfect for visual merchandisers, signage companies, retailers, bars and shops. Our LED neon displays are fully customizable and low-voltage, making them safe, durable and long-lasting. Available in a wide selection of static colors, or in RGB which allows the ability to change color on demand from an almost infinite choice of colors, plus animate if desired.

High Quality Materials
​We use the best polymers and high disperson LEDs from the very best brands in order to deliver the highest quality neon alternative on the market at an incredibly competitive price.

Our purpose built workshop and experienced and dedicated team produce clients' orders with impeccable detail and finishing, with great efficiency delivered super-fast by our couriers anywhere in the World.

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Why choose InnoNeon Tube?

Our innovative polymer tubing is incredible durable, being scratch and crack-proof with a guaranteed lifetime of 100,000 hours – more than three times the endurance of traditional neon. Our LED neon signage also maintains its brightness and luminous colour throughout its lifetime, and can be switched off or dimmed at any time without degradation.

InnoNeon​™ Tube is low voltage and comes complete with a CE and UL compliant power supply. Unlike traditional neon, which can be very hot to touch and contains harmful chemicals, InnoNeon​® Tube is warm to the touch and is absent of any dangerous materials or gases.

​Due to the investment in our production facilities and our highly efficient process, we are able to produce LED neon signs at a low cost, making us highly suited to volume orders. Just need one sign? No problem! We welcome orders for a single sign, too

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What is Faux Neon?

Our InnoNeon Tube faux neon is a beautifully aesthetic, highly affordable, safer and eco-friendly alternative to traditional neon. That's why our clients tell us time and time again it really is "better than neon".

​Unlike "real" neon signage that was invented more than 100 years ago and produced by bending glass tubes filled with neon gas, InnoNeon Tube delivers a stunning result by using an advanced 20th century extruded polymer, embedded with premium, high dispersion LEDs.

​Because it is unbreakable and usually supplied mounted on an acrylic backing board ready-to-go, it is perfect for retail and hospitality environments, pop-ups and events and easily installed (wall mounted or hung). InnoNeon Tube replica neon can also be handled and transported without risk of damage.

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Animated Neon.

View the latest addition to our LED Neon selection, Animated Neon.
Watch the video below to see the range of different animated styles that we offer,
ranging from flashing to sliding, in every colour imaginable!

Our Colour Range

We have a wide array of 18 colours ranging from Red to White to Turquoise and everything in between.

12 of our colours have a white skin, which means that they will look white when turned off, and coloured when turned on.
We also 6 variations of neon with coloured skins, which means that they will stay coloured when turned off due to the painted material.

We also now have the ability to produce RGB neon, so any colour imaginable! With RGB neon, we are also able to animate them for a more lively effect.

See our colour chart and animated neon video below

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We price our Custom Neon signage by the length of neon tubing used, with the backing board included within the price.
See below for estimated costs to give you an idea of how much your custom neon sign is going to cost you!


'Angel Wings'
150 x 170cm
Estimated Price: £900

crazy in love

'Crazy In Love'
90 x 50cm
Estimated Price: £350

Our Process.

Click through each stage of our neon sign production process

Our design team is ready and available to draft multiple versions of the text or logo you require.
Just send us a brief description of what you need and we'll convert it into a neon sign which will be ready for production.
If you are unsure, we will usually suggest alternatives or modifications to what you need to make your sign stand out even more!

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Once your design has been finalised and approved, the layout will be sent to our workshop where our team will start to produce your sign.
Our signs are created by bending our proprietary InnoNeon Tube material into your desired shapes by hand using the most effective and modern tools and equipment in the industry.
Once complete, your sign will need to pass through our quality-check system and then on to delivery!

Our typical lead-times vary between 48h and 15 working days, depending on the complexity of your sign. Illuminated and built-up signage will take longer than simple cut acrylic or aluminium composite letters.
Please notify us of any deadlines during the Design phase so that we can be sure that your sign is delivered on time.
Our customers are sent tracking details by email once the sign has been shipped out.

Some of our past projects

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