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A Truly Versatile Visual Merchandising Solution

Alongside producing luminous signage and faux neon, our workshops also have a great deal of experience creating all forms of visual merchandising such as props for display windows, items for retail store displays, interactive product displays and animated signage.

If you have a design, sketch or simply an idea you need delivered, give us a try! Our experience working with top brands such as Dior, Chloe, Karl Lagerfeld and Nike, often on very tight timescales, allows us to deliver quality displays, highly competitively and super fast, with good communication all the way through to delivery. It costs nothing to ask us to quote, we respond promptly and we're super friendly!

Sequin Signage.

NeonExperts' sister company Shimmerwalls, provides stunning sequin walls at incredible prices.

Get close-up and all you can see are beautiful sequins discretely hooked onto pins moulded into a matrix of special backing boards. Take a step back and with the slightest air movement your display comes alive and never ceases to amaze.

With a wide selection of format choices and over 400 finish options, we work with both installation professionals and brands directly, ​to effortlessly and cost effectively surprise and delight your clients with light-reflective sequinned walls ​that will truly bring your windows, walls, billboards or signage to life - all within days!

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