How To Update your Business' Signage

With signage being one of the most important factors in attracting customers to your business, it is critical that your current signage is up to date, functional, power-efficient, and most importantly – looks good!

So how do you rejuvenate your business’ signage?


A great way of updating your signage situation is by redesigning your whole brand. It may seem a scary feat, but keeping your logos, packaging, and brand identity lookingprofessional and attractive will add value to your business on a much larger scale. Once you have rebranded your company, try out a few signage styles and see which ones convey what you want as best as possible!

A Change of Style

Current signage trends include neon, illuminated signage, as well as different metallic extruded styles with a range of styles, textures, and finishes. If you want your signage to look great and stand out, try to stay away from vinyl and board printed signage which looks flat and dull. Rejuvenate your signage and give it some light – one of the best ways to make your signage looks new and modern is with illuminated styles which we offer at NeonExperts.

Transformation of Colour

Colour is a very important aspect of signage. If its too colourful, it may start to look tacky and child-like; but if there is not enough colour, it may look bland and unattractive. Try to match your signage colour to the messages you want to convey with your business. White and Cool Blue all evoke modernity and futurism– great for tech companies. Green is the colour of nature and an eco-friendly business – perfect for food and catering businesses. Purple and pink evoke a fun and energetic atmosphere. It is very important to experiment with colours to find out which ones fit your business the best!

Updating your signage situation can seem frightening, but its actually not as difficult as you think, especially when you have our designers doing the work for you!Take some time to experiment with different signage options and we’ll be happy to help you decide on the best way to rejuvenate your signage situation at a very low price.

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